Version History and Release Notes for Spark View

3.3.3 June 27, 2013
  1. Fixed a security issue.
  2. Fixed a paste issue introduced in 3.3.2
  3. Fixed screen position change issue when copying and remote resolution is bigger than local browser window
  4. Width=height=0 means using full browser window
  5. UPDATE: SparkGateway.jar, html directory.
Known issue
  1. Sound works on Chrome, Firefox, Safari 6, Opera Next(15) only.
  2. Drag file to local desktop works on Chrome only.
  3. RemoteApp on separated Window doesn't work on IE10 because of an IE10 bug
  4. Paste image from local to Remote works on Chrome only.
3.3.2 June 16, 2013
  1. Better installer for Windows.
  2. Fixed RemoteApp issue when app is not closed from the file menu.
  3. Fixed a freeze issue when copying on Excel
  4. Added "Open in existing Window" option in rdp.html, default is true for iOS.
  5. Fixed a Chinese input issue on Android Firefox
  6. Added onclientactivity and onremoteappstart event
  7. Fixed a connection issue on Firefox 10
  8. Fixed a copy/paste issue on Yozo Office
  9. UPDATE: SparkGateway.jar, html directory.
3.3.1 May 30, 2013
  1. Fixed a stick key alert issue (introduced in 3.3)
  2. Fixed a wrong RemoteApp position issue(introduced in 3.3)
  3. Fixed RemoteApp symlink issue.
  4. Fixed a paste issue on Firefox (introduced in 3.3)
  5. Better non-unicode keyboard support on Mobile OS.
  6. Added "Open in existing window" option in login.html
  7. UPDATE: SparkGateway.jar, *.js files, config.html, login.html.
3.3 May 22, 2013
  1. Streamlined for Windows 8 touch interface (including Surface, RT tablets)
  2. Symlink support, you can create a temporary or permanent access link for a RDP host.
  3. Can paste image from local to remote (Chrome only).
  4. Fixed a drawing issue on specific load balanced RDP server.
  5. Better IME compatibility (Hand writing etc) on Android Firefox.
  6. Can hide RemoteApp login screen by set remoteAppLogin = false
  7. Added onsessionlogin interface in session plugin (Warning: Plugin interface changed)
  8. Can use config.html remotely (set password and enable remoteManage in gateway.conf).
  9. Added logged in user name information to report.html.
  10. Don't need to restart the gateway when license file is updated.
  11. Fixed handshake error is not delivered to client issue.
  12. Fixed the <> key issue on Italian keyboard.
  13. Fixed mouse input issue when remote resolution is bigger than local browser Window.
  14. Fixed shift+click issue.
  15. Fixed Windows/shift key release issue.
  16. Better UI for config.html.
  17. Fixed a RemoteApp issue on iOS5.
  18. Fixed printing dialog (PDF dialog) closing issue on IE10
  19. Fixed onclose not fired issue on Mac Safari and Chrome.
  20. Fixed non-standar RDP port issue on RD Web Access Portal Integration.
  21. UPDATE: SparkGateway.jar, all files in html directory.
3.2 April 11, 2013
  1. Better performance on Chrome and Safari.
  2. Support external plugin jar file, specify pluginFile in gateway.conf.
  3. Better Android Chrome and Firefox support. Work around for Android Chrome bug 118639.
  4. Better IME support on desktop and mobile browsers, Better Chinese IME support on Firefox and IE10.
  5. Toolbar can be customized. Incompatibility Warning: toolbar definition must be in your web page, otherwise, it will not be displayed.
  6. Email notification when license expire etc.
  7. Better function key mapping and Windows(Search) key support on Chrome OS.
  8. Fixed a RemoteApp window resize issue.
  9. Fixed AltGr key issue on unicode keyboard
  10. UPDATE: SparkGateway.jar, all files in html directory.
3.1.1 March 17, 2013
  1. Fixed image drawing issue introduced in 3.1
  2. Control key on Mac will be translated to Windows key
  3. Ctrl+Alt+Backspace (Command+Alt+Delete on Mac) will be translated to Ctr+Alt+Del.
  4. Can use browser's copy/paste menu for clipboard redirection.
  5. Fixed adding server issue on config.html, introduced in 3.1
  6. Fixed a no reponse issue when pasting.
  7. Fixed shift+Arrow keys issue on unicode keyboard, introdeced in 3.1.
  8. Fixed a null pointer issue on expired evaluation license.
  9. UPDATE: SparkGateway.jar, all files in html directory.
3.1 March 06, 2013
  1. Another 20%-30% performance improvement, which makes Spark View faster than any native RDP clients.
  2. Better quality, faster processing on sound.
  3. Better RemoteApp support.
  4. Session Prelaunch/cache allow user see desktop/RemoteApp right away (check example7.html).
  5. User session idle timeout support, set idleUserSession in gateway.conf.
  6. Can open RemtoeApp in multipel tabs on iOS (slower than opening in same window).
  7. Auto scale on joined sessions.
  8. Better IME processing.
  9. Can delete file directly in the File uploading/downloading dialog.
  10. Can enable/disable DNS lookups in gateway.conf.
  11. Improved page loading speed.
  12. Fixed "Can not keep uploading same file" issue.
  13. Fixed text drawing issue when scrolling screen on some applications.
  14. Fixed text drawing issue when loging in to an existed session.
  15. Fixed sticky key alert issue when using unicode keyboard.
  16. Fixed relogin issue when resizing the browser Window.
  17. Fixed "can not disable clipboard redirection issue"".
  18. Fixed extra "A" issue when pasting data.
  19. Fixed data size issue on client side VirtualChannel extension.
  20. Fixed -=+ key issue on Firefox
  21. Fixed Chinese input issue on duplicated characters.
  22. UPDATE: SparkGateway.jar, all files in html directory.
  23. Warning: DNS lookups is disabled by default.
3.0 Jan 06, 2013
  1. RemoteFX (Video Acceleration) support.
  2. Better performance. It's even faster than native RDP clients.
  3. Reduced memory usage on Firefox. Firefox 18 is recommended.
  4. UPDATE: SparkGateway.jar, all files in html directory
2.8.5 November 03, 2012
  1. Active directory integration.
  2. Can listen on 2 ports at the same time (e.g. http and https).
  3. Better Network Level Authentication (CredSSP, don't need to enter credentials when login) and load balancing support.
  4. Fixed a sound playing issue on Mobile Safari 6 (iOS6).
  5. Fixed a 32 bit color issue.
  6. Fixed a printing dialog closing issue on Safari.
  7. Fixed a Ctrl, Alt key (external keyboard) issue on touch OS
  8. Client host name can be customized.
  9. Fixed a Japanese IME issue.
  10. Fixed an AltGr key issue on xrdp and some applications.
  11. Slightly improved the performance.
  12. UPDATE: SparkGateway.jar, all files in html directory
2.8 September 30, 2012
  1. Supports Windows 8, Windows 2012 and touch remoting, can turn any tablets into Windows 8 tablets.
  2. Supports Hyper-V console
  3. Better pinch zoom, on-screen PC keys on touch interface
  4. Auto scale when in player or join mode.
  5. Fixed a force close issue when opening few RemoteApps
  6. Fixed an uploading file size issue.
  7. Fixed a iOS crash issue when submit the request.
  8. Fixed a password display issue on config.html
  9. Fixed a mouse position issue when when you have some third party toolbars installed.
  10. Better IME support
  11. Performance improvement, especially on Safari 6 (iOS 6).
  12. UPDATE: SparkGateway.jar, all files in html directory
2.6.5 August 12, 2012
  1. OpenID integration, you can log in with your Google Account.
  2. Streamlined for IE 10.
  3. Streamlined for smart phones, support pinch zoom, scrolling screen when typing etc.
  4. Drag file from the file browser directly to you local desktop (Chrome Only)
  5. Can pass parameters to SparkGateway.init(Properties params) instead of using gateway.conf file
  6. Can get session information from client side(JS library).
  7. Can control recording in Handshake plugin.
  8. Webfedd URL can use non-443 port.
  9. Join link can use gateway address configured on server side.
  10. Fixed a RemoteApp display problem on MS Office 2013
  11. Fixed a typo on the name of ShadowingInterface(plugin)
  12. UPDATE: SparkGateway.jar, all files in html directory
2.6 July 20, 2012
  1. Support more audio decodings. 80% less bandwidth usage (when playing audio) compared with previous version and other HTML5 solutions.
  2. Support audio recording too.
  3. Support screen scrolling when remote desktop is bigger than local window.
  4. More gestures on touch interface, you can use touch pad mode (relative mouse movement) any time with 2 finger operation. Swipe for scrolling screen, Swipe from bottom for Page Down, Swipe from top for Page Up, 3 finger tap for displaying keyboard, 3 finger move for mouse wheel emulation
  5. Improved RemoteApp support
  6. Performance and compatibility improved on RD Web Access Integration
  7. Support RDP virtual channel extension on client side too (Using JavaScript).
  8. Performance improved on Safari, Opera
  9. Fixed a line drawing issue on specific applications
  10. Fixed a file uploading issue when using RemoteApp
  11. UPDATE: SparkGateway.jar, html directory
2.5 June 16, 2012
  1. RDP Session shadowing support. Multiple users can join/share one existing session via one click.
  2. RDP Session shadowing plugin.
  3. Notification UI improved.
  4. Fixed an autoreconnect issue on load balanced VM.
  5. Support loadbalanceinfo.
  6. Back up gateway.conf before it's saved by config.html.
  7. Config UI improved.
  8. More international keyboards
  9. UPDATE: SparkGateway.jar, html directory
2.1.3 May 23, 2012
  1. Fixed a performance issue on multiple connections(introduced in 2.1.2)
  2. Fixed auto reconnection issue (don't need to enter user name and password again when reconnect).
  3. Fixed undefined value issue on config.html
  4. Fixed file handle lock issue on sessionTerminat event (Plugin)
  5. UPDATE: SparkGateway.jar, rdp_min.js and config_min.js
2.1.2 May 16, 2012
  1. User and server configuration UI: config.html
  2. Fixed a whitespace issue when setting cookies with PHP(Use rawurlencode instead of urlencode can avoid this issue)
  3. Can choose printer driver and use PCL printer driver.
  4. New handler plugin, can be used to adding new features to gateway (support new protocol etc)
  5. A self-signed certificagte added to the installer
  6. UPDATE: SparkGateway.jar, all .js files and config.html
2.1.1 May 06, 2012
  1. Gateway allow host name mismatched certificate on RD Web feed.
  2. Fixed a "Not authorised" issue when using RemoteApp.
  3. Fixed a "Access Permission" issue when using the client library in iframe
  4. Resource file path can be recognized correctly
  5. Can config image path in appcfg.js(You usually don't need to do this because of the previous fix).
  6. UPDATE: SparkGateway.jar, all .js files
2.1 May 02, 2012
  1. We managed to improve the performance again, especially on applications like Excel, Word etc
  2. Improved the compatibility of RD Web Access Portal Integration. You can use this feature even on Linux now
  3. Can use ip range in serves.json
  4. Configuration UI for gateway.conf: config.html
  5. Allow logged in user access not-in-list computers, must set accessNotInList = true in gateway.conf
  6. Don't show "End of transmission" error anymore
  7. A new Java command line tool for reporting and license checking
  8. A WebSocket client (supports wss) which can be used to communicate with gateway directly
  9. Show server address on browser title
  10. Fixed "Size undefined" error when playing file on server.
  11. Fixed a black cursor issue on Linux Terminal Windows(xrdp)
  12. Display a web link button when user copy a web link in remote computer, disable it by setting rdp.openLink = false (Client side JS)
  13. New player plugin which allow playing file from any storage
  14. Can disable console log by setting svGlobal.log = 0 (Client side JS)
  15. Gateway works on non-Oracle JDK too
  16. UPDATE: SparkGateway.jar, html directory
2.0.4 April 13, 2012
  1. File uploading/downloading enhancement, you can set up download only directory.
  2. Play/broadcast recorded session on server.
  3. Fixed a line drawing issue.
  4. Plugin enhancement: new virtual channel plugin and RemoteApp plugin, session management in plugin etc. Please download the new plugin example.
  5. Fixed a backslash issue on UK keyboard and support user defined keyboard layout.
  6. UPDATE: SparkGateway.jar, rdp.html, player.html and js files only.
2.0.3 Apr 1, 2012
  1. RemoteApp improvement, works better when open another RemoteApp in current app.
  2. Can set up session recording in serers.json (per sever level).
  3. 3 finger tap to activate software keyboard on touch interface.
  4. Notification when user don't use keyboard for copy/paste.
  5. Plugin example. Please download this Eclipse project from our web site.
  6. UPDATE: SparkGateway.jar and js files only
2.0.2 Mar 27, 2012
  1. Fixed a RemoteApp drawing issue.
  2. Exposed recording file path to plugin
  3. Chinese language translation.
  4. UPDATE: html directory and SparkGateway.jar
2.0 Mar 21, 2012
  1. Session recording and playback. Recorded in RDP stream format for auditing and monitoring purpose.
  2. Recorded file has smallest size and best quality which can be played anywhere and any devices.
  3. Rotation support on iPad
  4. Blackberry Playbook OS 2.0 support
  5. New session, users and servers plugins.
  6. Can set up auto reconnect times.
  7. Downloading/uploading UI tuning
  8. Downloading/uploading files on mobile OS(download only in iOS).
  9. Don't save password to local storage
  10. User can choose a correct time zone name if time zone redirection is enabled on RDP host.
  11. User can specify the name of the shared disk.
  12. Better compatibility to applications which don't support unicode
  13. Shared disk can report correct free space.
  14. Support printing and disk mapping on Ulteo xrdp.
  15. Can make tool bar always displayed
  16. Can put your customization code in a seperated js file: appcfg.js.
  17. Fixed a drawing issue on some reporting software and xrdp
  18. Fixed a copy/paste issue when using Unicode keyboard
  19. Fixed uploading issue on Firefox
  20. Fixed a RemoteApp connection issue on Opera.
  21. UPDATE: html directory and SparkGateway.jar
1.9.5 Feb 29, 2012
  1. RD Web Access Portal integration.(Administrator's Manual 3.3)
  2. Fixed a line drawing issue.
  3. Fixed a display issue which only happens on some RemoteApps.
  4. Fixed a stick key issue.
  5. UPDATE: html directory and SparkGateway.jar
1.9.2 Feb 13, 2012
  1. Fixed a printing issue introduced in 1.9.1
  2. Fixed a connection issue when resizing the browser window
  3. Fixed a connection issue on Firefox when ssl enabled.
  4. UPDATE: rdp_min.js, hi5_min.js, surface_min.js and SparkGateway.jar
1.9.1 Feb 08, 2012
  1. Bandwidth reduced by 30% on Chrome 16 and IE 10, performance is also improved
  2. Create temporary directory automatically for file uploading/downloading.
  3. Check license status with reporting API.
  4. Cloud button will be hidden if file sharing is disabled on gateway
  5. onerror event for JavaScript RDP object.
  6. Works on IE10
  7. UPDATE: html directory and SparkGateway.jar
1.9 January 16, 2012
  1. File downloading/uploading support.
  2. Touchpad mode (Relative mouse movement) on touch interface.
  3. New gateway plug-in make integration easier
  4. Reporting API for querying server status.
  5. New Administrator's manual
  6. Fixed a copy/paste issue on Mac
  7. Pass cookie to Rdp JS library.
  8. Added reconnectOnResize and showMsg properties on Rdp JS library
  9. UPDATE: html directory and SparkGateway.jar
1.8.1 Nov 26, 2011
  1. Android tablets support (Please use Firefox), now we officially support all tablets in market.
  2. Timezone redirection support.
  3. servers.json and users.json modification detect and reload automatically.
  4. Support following shortcut key:
    • CTRL+ALT+END Brings up the Windows Security dialog box.
    • ALT+PAGE UP Switches between programs from left to right.
    • ALT+PAGE DOWN Switches between programs from right to left.
    • ALT+INSERT Cycles through the programs in the order they were started.
    • ALT+HOME Displays the Start menu.
    • ALT+DELETE Displays the Windows menu.
  5. Can disable HTTP header logging, set logHttpHeader = false in gateway.conf
  6. Fixed a "display": false doen't work issue when servers.json is a WHITELIST
  7. UPDATE: html directory and SparkGateway.jar
  8. API Changes:
    • There is a new namespace before all API: svGlobal. Old API will still work in six months
    • var r = new svGlobal.Rdp()
    • var r = new svGlobal.Rdp2()
    • var ui = new svGlobal.LocalInterface()
    • svGlobal.util.initDragDrop
1.8 Nov 21, 2011
  1. RemoteApp support. Please check Administrator's Guide for more information Nov 6, 2011
  1. Fixed a drawing issue when using command prompt window
  2. Added Fast copy option which works better when doing a lot of copy/past
  3. Only need to replace rdp.html and rdp_min.js for updating.
1.7.3 Nov 1, 2011
  1. Performance improved a lot on Chrome 15 (GPU Accelerated Canvas 2D) and other browsers.
  2. Fixed a drawing problem (Font cache issue).
  3. Support non-unicode .rdp file.
  4. Fixed a copy/paste issue
1.7.2 Oct 11, 2011
  1. Another great performance improvement.
  2. .rdp file drag and drop support.
  3. Auto reconnection support.
  4. Remote screen resolution change automatically after browser window is resized.
  5. Unicode keyboard added, which works on almost all non-English keyboard layouts.
  6. SparkView can be registered as a protocol handler, so you can open a link like web+rdp:
  7. Support context menu copy/paste on Firefox too (Must modify Firefox preferences).
  8. More ways to integrate with rdpdirect.html.
1.7.1 Sep 28, 2011
  1. Local storage support, user can save connection to local.
  2. Fixed a copy/paste issue on Chrome, a recent Chrome update broke this and we have a workaround.
  3. More international keyboard layouts
  4. Windows X64 service wrapper and Linux/Unix daemon wrapper
  5. Https and wss(WebScoket secure connection) support
  6. Support context menu copy/paste if it's a Chrome Web Store app (Chrome only)
  7. Login.html page refactored and better for integration
1.7 Sep 18, 2011
  1. Playing sound on local works perfectly(Paid version only)
  2. Seamless plain text and unicode copy/paste
  3. International keyboard support
  4. Fixed a connection issue on xrdp
  5. Login UI improved, able to specify icon for connection
  6. Fixed a NumLock key issue, synchronize NumLock key status automatically
  7. Able to suppress client message, add "showMessage = false" in gateway.conf
  8. Windows installer will stop installation if Java is not detected
  9. Default is on for Clipboard, Printer and Sound redirection
  10. More APIs exposed on client side: writeText, writeUnicode, writeKeyCode, mouseMove, mouseDown, mouseUp, onopen event
  11. Easy Chrome Frame installation on IE, better browser check
1.6.4 Sep 2, 2011
  1. BlackBerry Playbook support
  2. Fixed a "Session not disconnected issue" when using TLS
  3. Fixed a connection issue when password has special characters.
  4. New Windows installer and service wrapper.
1.6.1 Aug 24, 2011 (Work with Spark Gateway 1.6 and above)
  1. Better copy support on Chrome (Only if it's a Web Store App)
  2. Default directory page for Web Server.
  3. Gateway can bind to one of multiple IPs.
  4. Better error page for Web Server
1.6 Aug 12, 2011 (Work with Spark Gateway 1.6)
  1. Printing support(Paid version only)
  2. Spark View can be hosted by SparkGateway which supports simple web server.
  3. Client IP as connection name.
  4. DDoS attack check and prevention(Paid version only)
  5. Use configuration file instead of arguments.
  6. log to file.
  7. Fixed Ctr+C, Ctr+X bug on Firefox
  8. Other improvements and bug fixes
1.5.2 July 27, 2011 (Work with Spark Gateway 1.5)
  1. Fixed a cursor issue on Opera.
  2. Fixed a international character issue on Opera.
1.5.1 July 20, 2011 (Work with Spark Gateway 1.5)
  1. Fixed a disconnection issue on Windows 7.
1.5 July 12, 2011 (Need update Spark Gateway to 1.5)
  1. Speed increased by 20%(LAN) to 300%(WAN, bad condition).
  2. Bandwidth usage reduced by 30%(Image, Video) to 70%
  3. Less CPU and RAM usage on Gateway.
  4. Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V support(Paid version only).
  5. Added "displayName" property for server configuration(servers.json).
  6. UNICODE(UTF-8) support.
  7. Client side IME support.
  8. Auto capitalization support on iPad.
  9. Fixed a color scheme issue on Windows 2008 R2
1.1.1 June 25, 2011
  1. Fixed a cursor issue on 2008 R2
  2. The default size of remote desktop is to fit the browser window.
  3. Don't show the scroll bar
  4. More user friendly error message
  5. Fixed a user release issue when using user management.
1.1.0 June 14, 2011
  1. User management on Gateway
  2. Map directories on Gateway to RDP host for each connection(Full version only).
  3. Play sound on remote computer
  4. iPad usability improvement.
1.0.5 June 6, 2011
  1. Can define server list(can be a normal list, whitelist or blacklist) on Gateway
  2. Can fetch servers from the Gateway on the client
  3. Can also input computer id for connection, id is defined on the server list.
  4. Fixed non-standard RDP port issue.
  5. Fixed start program issue.
1.0.0 May 4, 2011